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triton2go mobile app

Triton2Go Mobile Ordering App and Reusable Container Program

Triton2Go Mobile Ordering App


Place your order on the Triton2Go mobile ordering app and you will receive an alert when your food is ready to pick up.

The app also offers secret menu items, the option to customize your order, and a loyalty program—earn points and win prizes!

Having difficulty downloading the mobile app as an International Student?

The app is only available in the United States and Canada Stores. On Android, add an additional play store local to your account, as long as the IP Address is in that geographic area.

On iOS, create an alternate Apple ID in the US; as they are restricted to specific countries. You can also change the country or region that is associated with your Apple ID.

Triton2Go Reusable Container

Choose the Triton2Go reusable container option when ordering from the Triton2Go app or ask for your meal to-go when ordering in person.

Learn more about how to use the Triton2Go container ( Flyer pdf):

Triton2Go Reusable Container FAQ

Why is the Triton2Go container more sustainable than regular take-out?

Dining Services implemented this program in 2020 in order to help eliminate single use take-out containers and move us closer to the University’s Zero Waste goals.

Where can I use the Triton2Go reusable container?

The Triton2Go reusable container can be used at all HDH Dining locations.

Where can I return the Triton2Go reusable container?

You can return your Triton2Go reusable container at the Triton2Go machines located in 64 Degrees, Pines, OceanView, Ventanas, Canyon Vista Marketplace, the Bistro and Seventh Market.

Do I have to have my food in a Triton2Go reusable container?

All to-go orders will be packed in a Triton2Go reusable container except for soups, beverages, pizza, burritos, wraps, sandwiches, pastry items, and items served from Spice, our Glatt-certified kosher kitchen at OceanView restaurant.

What is the refundable deposit?

If you have a Dining Plan or Triton Cash, the $5 refundable deposit is a hold placed on your account for the price of the Triton2Go reusable container. Once your container is returned you will receive your $5 deposit back. The Triton2Go Reusable Container Program is only refundable to Dining Dollars or a Triton2Go Triton Cash account and can only be re-spent at an HDH location.

What If I don’t have Dining Dollars or Triton Cash but want to participate in the Triton2Go Reusable Container Program or want to take my food to-go?

In order to participate in the program and be able to receive a refund on your $5 refundable deposit, you’ll need to use Dining Dollars or Triton Cash. Deposits are not refundable to cash or credit.  All you need is a campus ID card to use Triton Cash

If you do not have Dining Dollars or Triton Cash, you can use a credit card for your purchase and container deposit. However, your deposit will be refunded to a Triton2Go Triton Cash account since we cannot refund the deposit to your credit card. If you do not have a Triton Cash account one will be opened for you. Refund credits returned to a Triton2Go Triton Cash account can only be re-spent at an HDH Location.

How do I check to see if my deposit has been refunded to my account?

You should be able to see that your account was credited by logging in to the Transact eAccounts portal. Check “Account” and verify that your return went to “Triton2Go Dining Dollars” or “Triton2Go Triton Cash”. Triton2Go Dining Dollars function the same way as your regular Dining Dollars and will automatically be used first when making your next purchase. Triton2Go Triton Cash function the same as Triton cash except they can only be re-spent at an HDH location. They will also be automatically used first when making your next purchase using Triton Cash at an HDH location.  (The reason that they are listed differently is to allow us to easily identify when a container deposit has been returned to your account). If you are not seeing your refund within 48 hours, please reach out to Dining Engagement at or contact Triton Card Accounts Services at

Do I have to wash the container before I return it?

You do not have to wash your Triton2Go reusable container before returning, but we would appreciate if you would quickly rinse it out.

How does the container get cleaned?

HDH staff removes the dirty container from the Triton2Go machine and washes / sanitizes it in a high temperature commercial dishwasher.

What if I lose my container?

If you lose your container, you will not be able to get your $5 deposit back for that container. You can continue to check out additional containers by paying the $5 refundable deposit.

Why can’t I reuse my Triton2Go reusable container or my own reusable container after I have washed it myself?

For Health and Safety reasons, only properly cleansed and sanitized containers handled by dining staff can be used in food service areas. This protects everyone’s health and safety.

What if I need multiple containers?

You are allowed to check out as many containers as you need, but each container will have a $5 refundable deposit associated with it. You could take three containers for a large order, pay the $15 deposit, then return the containers and receive your $15 credited back to your account.

Is there a limit to how many containers I can have checked out or returned at the same time?

There is no limit to the number of containers that you can have checked out, but you will be assessed the $5 refundable deposit on each. We kindly ask that you return used containers at your earliest convenience so that we can refund your deposit and get them back into circulation!

Can my friend return my Triton2Go reusable container for me?

You will need to return your container yourself and swipe your own Campus ID to get the funds returned to you. 

Do you have Triton2Go cups and bowls?

We have added Triton2Go reusable bowls at multiple locations and are working on adding cups in the future.

What if the Triton2Go machine isn’t working?

If the Triton2Go machine is offline or not working, you will receive a token for your returned box. If you receive a token, take it to a manager or staff member to exchange for a new box. This will then allow you to return the box again at the machine to get your credit back. If that doesn’t work, please talk to the manager or staff member and they will issue a refund for your container deposit.


Insert one used Triton2Go container at a time, closed, with barcode face up.

Be sure to swipe your card slowly at the machine.

Check to make sure you do not have a damaged ID card.

Allow the used Triton2Go container to drop into the machine before returning another container.

How does this work with mobile ordering?

When using our new Triton2Go Mobile ordering app, simply choose the Triton2Go reusable container option when adding items to your order. Your food will be served in the Triton2Go Reusable Container and your account will be charged at check out.

How long does the container last?

The average life of a Triton2Go box is 300 uses, and the box will be recycled at the end of its lifecycle.

What about silverware?

Reusable silverware is available at all locations. You are free to take silverware with your to-go order and return the silverware to the Triton2Go machine or closest dining location.